What is Nannda
Nannda is an Own to Earn NFT project built on Ethereum. All NFTs, called Prophet NFTs, are generative and are uniquely designed.
NFT holders can earn a unique token $NDT every day as rental fees and a share of the game rewards earned by the sub-lessee using that NFT (the “Game Rewards”) by depositing NFTs into Nannda Protocol, and Nannda Protocol will utilize the deposited NFTs to expand into a variety of businesses.

Origin of Nannda

Nannda is inspired by the story of the prophet Moses in the Old Testament, who rained down the special food called "manna" to save the people from starvation. The Hebrew word for "manna" is "Kore ha nanda" (means "What is this?" in Japanese), which is where the name originates. (Cited from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manna)

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Origin of Nannda