What is Nannda

Nannda is an NFT staking game revolving around the attack and defense of Prophets and Darknesses on Ethereum.

The Story

Nannda is the story of the Prophets. Prophets can earn $NDT by questing (depositing).

The $NDT earned can be used to level up or to mint new items.

However there is possibility that the $NDT earned by the Prophets could be robbed by Darkness. The Prophets can prevent the Darkness from stealing by using NFTs which are items that can be purchased with $NDT.

Origin of Nannda

Nannda is inspired by the story of the prophet Moses in the Old Testament, who rained down the special food called "manna" to save the people from starvation. The Hebrew word for "manna" is "Kore ha nanda" (means "What is this?" in Japanese), which is where the name originates. (Cited from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manna)

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