Summon & Re-summon system


Prophet NFTs are revealed (we called it summoned) from spell book NFTs, and there are multiple rarities in them.


Re-summon is the process of turning a prophet NFT back to a spellbook NFT by spending $NDT. The class of spellbook NFT you can obtain from a prophet NFT is the same as the original one that the prophet NFT is generated. Thus in effect, you can redo the generation of a prophet NFT from a spellbook NFT, and obtain new traits and classes of a prophet NFT.

Cost of re-summon is the same as the minting cost of the same type of spellbook NFT at the timing of resummon for 0 mint score for NFT1 & NFT2 × mint score multiplier of the NFT. Note that generative NFT at the launch is the same as Bronze Senior (junior*senior) spellbook.

Mint score of NFT gets reset to 0 when re-summoned. All the levels are also reset, so be extra careful when re-summon NFTs after leveling up.

There is no cooldown on the spellbook NFT after Re-summon.

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