Revival potion NFT

If the Prophet's life reaches 0 during the quest, it cannot be recovered by normal potions, but only by using a Revival potion NFT within 24h. (If you use a Revival potion NFT, the Prophet’s life will be recovered to 100.)

Prophets with zero life will recover with 1 Revival potion within 24 hours. Prophets with more than 24 hours will require one Revival potion and 7 days.

The Revival potion NFT can be used by any classes, but once it’s used, it will be burnt. Only one Prophet can be resuscitated by one Revival portion NFT.

The Revival potion NFT has 1% chance of being created when summoning the Bronze Junior Spellbook, which is minted by 2 Junior Spellbooks.

They will be available for sale starting March 4 for $500 NDT. (no supply limitation)

Unlike regular potions, it is available for all Classes. Please note that after X-Day, the payment will be in ETH equivalent to 500$NDT.

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