Future Nannda modifications

  • Resuscitation Potions will be sold in $NDT (starting before Day X. The selling price will be announced later)

  • Until the end of the Last Holy War, we will be increasing our community relations staff, and we will do our best to respond to questions on Twitter and Discord more quickly than ever before.

  • A modification to the claimable token amount system burn address will be implemented to not include the burn portion of the Claim Fee.

  • The Last Holy War will be conducted over 24 hours on a date 30 days after Day X. The Last Holy War will be held even if the supply of $NDT has not been completed by then.

  • Day X will be decided and announced as soon as possible after discussing it with the development team, but we will allow enough time for the announcement to be made.

  • The ETH balance in the treasury for distribution will be implemented as soon as possible so that it can be checked from Day X onward.

  • The following specifications will be used from Day X onward.

  • You will be able to unlock the Deposit of a Prophet at will. - It will be possible to turn a Prophet or Darkness into $NDT by burning it according to its class and level. - The claimable token amount system will be abolished. - The claim fee and bonus will be abolished. Instead, the claim fee will be linked to the number of days remaining between Day X and the start of the Last Holy War.

  • The $NDT claim fee is determined by the current market supply, calculated as (remaining time in hours/720)*80%. All claim fees collected will be burned.

  • Bonuses will be given to the appropriate persons on Day X. If there is no one in the market, all bonuses will be burned.

  • The day before Day X, 42 ETH of liquidity will be released and the lower limit of the distribution treasury, which currently stands at 8 ETH, will be set at 50 ETH, starting from that point.

  • From X day until the end of the Last Holy War, the in-game settlement currency will be ETH, all of which will be incorporated into the Last Holy War treasury.

  • All tokens that will be allocated outside of the community (team, management, ecosystem fund, etc) will be relinquished (with the exception of a small number of claimed $NDT tokens held by team members in lieu of compensation, as the impact will be minor). However, the management’s claimed $NDT will be waived. Instead, 25% ETH at the end of the Last Holy War will be used to cover Nannda’s operational and development costs.

  • The Last Holy War is determined by the staked amount of claimed $NDT per address. The longer the staking period, the higher the Holy Points. Treasury distribution is determined by the percentage of Holy Points.


- 1.3x Holy Points when there are 30 days left until the Last Holy War - 1.29x Holy Points when there are 29 days left until the Last Holy War - 1.28x HolyPoints when there are 28 days left until the Last Holy War - 1x HolyPoints when there are 0 days left until the Last Holy War

Users’ Holy Points are displayed on the dashboard in a ranking format.

A note regarding these changes

After Day X, the only use for $NDT in the game will be to earn Holy Points, so the price of the token will drop rapidly as more and more users act to take profit of $NDT even with high fees combined with the small pool. When the price falls below a certain point, however, there is an incentive to buy $NDT because the distribution amount from the Last Holy War is larger. As a result, the $NDT issued by each Century may show a large downward arc in the graph below (the management does not guarantee that this will happen at all: only that it could happen if market forces are sufficiently strong). This makes a big difference in strategy for players as to whether to sell $NDT, or hold on to it until the end of Century.

Prices are determined by pure user behavioral principles as the management and investors waive a large portion of the $NDT.


Moving forward, the schedule is:


  • Remove Claim Fee tokens from the burn address


  • Revival potion NFT sales begin ($NDT or ETH)


  • Liquidity is partially removed and added to the distribution treasury and disclosure begins.

3/26 6:00 EST 11:00 UTC 11:00 JST 20:00

  • X-Day begins

  • Modification of various functions, such as elimination of claimable token amount

4/26 5:59 EST 10:59 UTC 19:59 JST

  • The last Holy War begins

After the Last Holy War

  • Disclosure of final Holy Points

  • Simultaneous distribution of treasury for distribution

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