Farming(Liquidity Providing)

ETH−NDT ※ Nannda has confirmed that the following pools are currently being created Please comply with the laws of your country of residence when using them.
If you provide $NDT liquidity (ETH/NDT) to Uniswap v3, you can earn $NDT by depositing LP tokens to Nannda, which you can earn as proof of providing liquidity.
This will be a feature after the mainnet release
APR(%) is calculated as follows.
The maximum deposit period of LP tokens is 30 days (you can extend the period though) and the remaining period of liquidity provision is T.
APR=(500Liquidityfactor)×DepositfactorAPR=(500-Liquidity factor) \times Depositfactor
Liquidityfactor=AmountofliquidityinETHLiquidity factor= Amount of liquidity in ETH
For example, if the current liquidity is 100 ETH and T = 30, APR would be 400%.