Update History of Whitepaper

13th August Ver1.1 Levels up and details released. Add schedule.

16th August Ver1.2 Deposit details and Spellbook NFT Mint.

22nd August Ver1.3 Addition of sale information, publication of Traits.

23rd August Ver1.4 Addition details NFT level system

25th August Ver1.5 Addition of Terms of Use.

26th August Ver1.6 Addition of sales details, Nannda's Glossary of Terms and Privacy Policy.

29th August Ver1.7 Addition of details.

5th September Ver1.8 Addition about Nannda's Unofficial Community and re-summon and level up.

6th September Ver1.9 Addition of Nannda's Glossary of Terms and sale information.

8th September Ver2.0.0 Addition of Sale information, Open Alpha, and Open Beta.

9th September Ver2.0.1 Addition of liquidity Providing.

15th September Ver2.0.2 Addition of Sale information.

16th September Ver2.0.3 Addition of Launch schedule and Token AirDrop.

19th September Ver2.0.4 Addition of Claim Fee & Bonus.

20th September Ver2.0.5 Addition of Quest and Life potions.

22nd September Ver2.0.6 Addition of Darkness NFT.

28th September Ver2.0.7 Addition of Open alpha.

29th September Ver2.0.8 Addition of The NFT Sale Information.

2nd October Ver2.0.9 Addition of The NFT Sale Information.

13th October Ver2.1.0 Several items were modified.

24th October Ver2.1.1 Several items were modified.

26th October Ver2.1.2 Several items were modified.

27th October Ver2.1.3 Addition of Potion NFT.

1st November Ver2.1.4 Addition of Potion NFT.

2nd November Ver2.1.5 Several items were modified.

6th November Ver2.1.6 Addition of Revival potion NFT.

7th November Ver2.1.7 Addition of The Last Holy War and How to play.

8th November Ver2.1.8 Addition of Revival potion NFT.

16th November Ver2.1.9 Addition of Farming.

23rd November Ver2.2.0 Addition of Movie.

28th November Ver2.2.1 Several items were modified.

29th November Ver2.2.2 Addition of Road map.

30th November Ver2.2.3 regarding the display of mint scores.

1st December Ver2.2.5 Addition of Nannda Special Edition and Lite paper.

4th December Ver2.2.6 Addition of Token AirDrop.

14th December Ver2.2.7 Addition of Token AirDrop.

21st December Ver2.2.8 Addition of Traits and Token Burn and Darkness NFTs sale info.

23rd December Ver2.2.9 Addition of Launch Schedule.

28th December Ver2.2.9 Addition of How to Sell Defender NFT and Counter NFT.

29th December Ver2.3.0 Addition of Lite paper and Circuit Breaker System.

31st December Ver2.3.1 Addition of Quest.

7th January Ver2.3.2 Addition of Claim Fee & Bonus.

10th January Ver2.3.3 Addition of Testnet.

11th January Ver2.3.4 Addition of ShieldNFT and CounterNFT.

20th January Ver2.3.5 Addition of Launch Schedule.

29th January Ver2.3.6 Additional of information was added and corrected for several items.

30th January Ver2.3.7 Change in the starting price for the sale of item NFT and success rates for Shield NFT and Counter NFT.

3rd February Ver2.3.8 Addition of Darkness NFT.

4th February Ver 2.3.9 Addition of Darkness NFT and Item NFT.

5th February Ver 2.4.0 Addition of Weekly Giveaway.

6th February Ver 2.4.1 Several items have been updated.

7th February Ver 2.4.2 Some content has been updated.

9th February Ver 2.4.3 Addition of Team Guidelines and Item NFT.

15th February Ver 2.4.4 Addition of Invitation Code System and About Nannda's philosophy

15th February Ver 2.4.5 Addition of Image of Claimable token amount system.

16th February Ver 2.4.6 Addition of Image of How to Play.

28th February Ver 2.4.7 Addition of Future Nannda modifications.

1st March Ver 2.4.8 Addition of Revival potion NFT.

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