Token Burn

Nannda requires tokens to be burned when performing the following actions; Token burn reduces the supply of tokens on the market and aims to increase the value per token.

Potion NFT

If you own two or more prophet NFTs, you can spend $NDT to generate a new spellbook NFT. The $NDT will be burnt according to the mint cost.


Re-summon is the process of turning a prophet NFT back to a spellbook NFT by spending $NDT. The class of spellbook NFT you can obtain from a prophet NFT is the same as the original one that the prophet NFT is generated. Thus in effect, you can redo the generation of a prophet NFT from a spellbook NFT, and obtain new traits and classes of a prophet NFT.

NFT level up

Prophet NFTs can be leveled up by spending $NDT, and their earning powers increases. Initial Level of all NFT is 1, and each NFT can level up until level =10.

Darkness NFT

Darkness NFT is a prophet whose heart has been corrupted by darkness.

There is 10% chance of birth when the Bronze Junior (Junior*Junior) Spellbook is minted.

Purchasing $xNDT

You can receive $xNDT by burning $NDT.

Claim Fee & Bonus

The Nannda is designed to provide maximum benefits to those who contribute to Nannda over the long term. This time, we have introduced the mechanism to our proprietary token $NDT.

The way it works is that if you try to withdraw the $NDT you have earned early, a portion of the $NDT will be taken from you (Claim Fee), and those who HODL it will receive a bonus of the $NDT taken from accumulated Claim Fee.

Potion NFT

The item that restores life is called Potion NFT and can restore the prophet's life during quest. The potion NFT is gone once it is used, and the $NDT required for each class is different, but same for any level.

Shield NFT

The Shield NFT is a magic shield that protects the Prophet from the steal by Darkness. Users can purchase Shield NFTs for $NDT, and Shield NFTs can be deposited to protect a deposited Prophet NFT. Shield NFTs have four classes like Prophets.

Counter NFT

The Counter NFT is magical attack that can be used by Prophets.The user can purchase a Counter NFT for $NDT, and the counter NFT can be deposited to Protect one deposited Prophet. Counter NFTs have four classes like Prophets. A Darkness has specific chance to fail if a protected Prophet has a deposited Counter NFT, and the Darkness is transferred to the holder of the Counter NFT. Then the Counter NFT is burned once protected.


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