Token AirDrop

The airdrop is for holders who have never listed their Nannda NFTs in the NFT Marketplace until the mainnet release.

The listing information will be obtained from the OpenSea and X2Y2 API keys, so no snapshot will be taken.

In addition, the amount of airdrop will be determined based on following factors.

  1. the number of NFTs held

  2. history of playing testnet

  3. history of bits of collaboration art with ONIKU kuitai

The date and time of the airdrop will be announced as soon as possible. We plan to implement it according to the schedule in the roadmap below.

Looking forward to it, everyone!

Airdrop FAQ

We have received several questions regarding airdrops and will share FAQ in this thread.

Q. The address I played the Testnet with is different than the address holds Nannda’s NFTs. What will happen in this case?

A. Airdrop is done for the address that holds the NFTs. Thus you need to play the Testnet with the address that holds Nannda’s NFT. And no worries, the Testnet is open until the Mainnet launch.

Q. I have listed some of my NFTs. In that case, will my address be excluded from the airdrop?

A. No. Airdrops will be done on a NFT basis. So if you have NFTs which have never been listed, they will be eligible for airdrops.

Q. Is it necessary to play both the alpha and beta versions of the Testnet?

A. Not necessary but holders who played both versions will be weighted more.

Q. Why are people who haven’t listed NFTs eligible for airdrop?

A. We want to appreciate such long-term supporters who show strong intention to play our game in the Mainnet.

Regarding the amount of the airdrop, we will introduce the point system later date to better reward our long-term supporters.

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