Other Tokens

Nannda has several tokens that can be earned by staking and burning $NDT.

For NFT holders / Investors

These tokens are mainly for Nannda NFT holders and investors.


An ERC-20 non-transferable token that can be earned by burning $NDT. $xNDT holders staking reward is paid by the treasury, which depends on the amount and duration of the staking.
The amount of $xNDT that can be earned for $1NDT is
  • Current Century
  • The floor price of the current Prophet NFT
  • Current $NDT token bar volume
The amount of $xNDT earned for each $1NDT will fluctuate dynamically in conjunction with the Treasury distribution ratios and $xNDT earning formulas will be released as they become available. They will be announced when $xNDT is introduced.


Coming Soon.

For DeFi DAO

This token will be mainly for DeFi and DAO.


An ERC-20 non-transferable token that can be earned by staking $NDT. Nannda will invest its cash on hand and earnings in DeFi until Century 100 when it will invest them in DeFi, as voted for by $veNDT. In other words, if DeFi wants to increase its TVL, it can do so by voting $veNDT. The maximum lock period for $veNDT is a very short 30 days. The $veNDT is a non-transferable token, and the amount you receive depends on how long you keep it.
The $veNDT is voted to a whitelist system. Interested DeFi protocols should submit their application here.


Coming soon.