Open Testnet

We're excited to introduce the Open testnet to our holders.


Start Date
End Period
Open Testnet
September 28

Details of Open Testnet

Goerli (Ethereum test chain)
Summon, Deposit and Mint the Spellbook NFTs plus Earn $NDT. Level up, Re-summon
All users.
How many
All users will be able to mint up to 5 Spellbooks through the event.
10,000/Genesis Spellbook

How to Play

The Open Testnet is live NOW for both mobile and PC, with 10,000 of spellbooks free mint.
Please access the link below.
※Open Testnet is powered by the Goerli network, the testnet of Ethereum.
Open Testnet requires ETH (Goerli ETH) for gas and other expenses. Please obtain it from the following link.
Also, 2000 $NDT for the test use will be given to all of wallets that have NFTs on the Testnet, 24h after the release of Testnet at once.
For mobile users, please use the browser in the Metamask App. Free mint of Genesis NFT is available from the TOP page.
Only some functions are available for the Open Testnet. Please check out WP for details.
The end date of the Open Testnet has not yet been determined. We will announce it on the official Twitter account and WP.
※NFTs listed during the period of the Open Testnet are not eligible for airdrop.