Q. About the NFT Sale?

A. Nannda will only be selling primary NFTs during the initial NFT Sale, after the NFT Sale, Nannda Protocol will not be selling any new NFTs.

Q. About Rare Letters during the NFT Sale?

A. During the NFT Sale, Spellbook NFT will appear at the following rate when you open the Spellbook NFT.

Q. Why can I earn money just by depositing NFTs?

A. By depositing NFTs, you cannot freely buy or sell them during the deposit period. Therefore, the floor price of NFTs is not likely to fall, and you can expect more profit from the secondary trading of Nannda. Because of these advantages, Nanda offers rental fees and the Game rewards as rewards to those who deposit.

Q. Will I lose the original NFT when I mint?

A. The original prophet NFTs will be retained after minting. However, the $NDT used for minting will be burned.

Q If I deposit a prophet NFT, can I use it for PFP?

A. If you deposit a prophet NFT into Nannda, we will give you a clone NFT that is exactly the same illustration of the prophet NFT you deposited. So please use it as a PFP.

Q. Where will the Chain be done?

A. It will be provided on the Ethereum network.

Q When will I pay for gas?

A. The following are the moments when you pay for gas in A Nannda. (1) The moment you Summon a Spellbook NFT (2) The moment you deposit a Prophet NFT (3) The moment you Claim a $NDT (4) The moment you buy or sell an NFT.

Q. Do you have plans to list on the CEX?

A. We are considering it, but have not yet decided. We will make an announcement when it is confirmed.

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