About Nannda's philosophy

15th February

Nannda is an attempt to explore new possibilities for on-chain NFT projects.

As such, it incorporates a number of advanced initiatives and is designed and managed to maximize the engagement of a great number of Nannda holders over the long term.

Many GameFi projects have experienced an imbalance in terms of the receipt and distribution of tokens, causing token prices to collapse and liquidity to dry up.

In view of this, we have designed a number of challenging game aspects in order to solve or mitigate these problems.

One of the most distinctive features of how Nannda is designed involves how the ending of the game is programmatically defined from the very beginning. While the majority of GameFi projects up until now were designed to operate forever, Nannda will return the ETH earned through the secondary distribution of NFTs to holders through an in-game event called the "Last Holy War" when the token supply ends.

In view of this, the scenario that is absolutely imperative to avoid is the depletion of $NDT liquidity before the Last Holy War begins, which is why we are using multiple tokenomics features including the Circuit Breaker system and the Claimable Token Amount system.

Team Nannda are also working to develop a new token trading system. To ensure that incentives are fair for both the Nannda team and users, for the first time in the GameFi space (imho), compensation for the Nannda team, investors, and advisors will be linked to the total amount of $NDT tokens claimed by users, with the lock-up period removed.

Nannda is still in its infancy, and we will do our best to provide Nannda holders with new value-added experiences.

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