Nannda's page on tokenomics.

Token Standard

Token symbol: $NDT (Nannda Token)
Network: Ethereum Network
Standard: ERC-20
Issuance limit: 100 million tokens
The maximum number of $NDT tokens to be issued is 100 million, and the amount of $NDT to be issued will decrease as time goes by.
Community Growth
Future Development
Ecosystem funds
Community: The token ratio is distributed to NFT holders.
Community Growth: The ratios that are implemented in Nannda's overall marketing, etc.

Definition of century

Century is defined by how much $CommunityNDT is issued to NFTs so far, and we are in
​century, when total $NDT issued,d is between (n-1)% and n% of $NDT supply limit

Vesting Schedule of allocations

The rules under which a century proceeds are that if all of tokens allocated for the community within that century are released to the market, it will proceed to the next century. The innovation of this mechanism is that all of other tokens will be released only in conjunction with the demand for tokens for the community such as NFT rental fees and the Game Rewords. The commonly used practice which is linking token releases to elapsed time tends to lead to lower token prices because new tokens are released without any correlation to the market demand for tokens. In contrast, with Nannda's Century mechanism, Nannda's $NDT is structured so that if NFT holder demand weakens, the amount of new token market supply will also moderate. The disadvantage of introducing Century is that early and current contributors to Nannda such as investors and teams, will not see their tokens emitted unless Nannda continues to grow and Century advances. The Nannda ecosystem after reaching Century 100 will be announced gradually as Century progresses. Community $NDT is vested according to NFT deposits. All (10%) of Community Growth is vested on day 1, however partially used in order to provide liquidity for $NDT. The rest of the allocation is vested at the speed proportional to claimed total $NDT to NFT holders. Thus, vesting is basically KPI-based. For example, % of total $NDT vested to the
Team is given by 20% ×
Total Claimed NDT by NFT holders56M\frac{\text{Total Claimed NDT by NFT holders}}{56M}