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Nannda’s O2E(Own to Earn) protocol allows users to earn the Nannda original token $NDT by depositing the Nannda NFTs.

And it has a unique mechanism that allows users to maximize their earnings through their strategies.

Many new users have started playing and are in the process of earning a large number of tokens!

This article we are going to explain how to play Nannda NFT game.

The main items are as follows: If you are new to Nannda, check all of the following; if you are already using Nannda, refer to the sections below for clarification and to maximize your earning potential.

#1. Set up your account #2. Earn $NDT #3. Maximize the earning

#1. Set up your account

Access to our official website and go to the application from “Go to APP”

Connect your wallet and set up your account from “Connect”

Once the wallet is connected, the current Ethereum token and NDT token balances in the wallet will be displayed.

Now that the setup is complete, the next step is how to earn NDT tokens.

#2. Earn $NDT

As explained above, Nannda is an O2E NFT game. Therefore, you must first have an NFT to “own = deposit”. NFTs that can be deposited are called Prophet NFTs. To get a Prophet NFT, you can either purchase a Spellbook NFT on Opensea and summon it, or you can purchase it directly from someone on Opensea.

#2–1. Get the Prophet NFT

To summon Prophet NFTs or purchase Prophet NFTs, go to “Market” on the top screen.

And then select the items you wish to buy.

There are two types of spellbooks: Spellbook and Spellbook Genesis. Spellbook is unpredictable in terms of which rank of Prophet users can summon, while Spellbook Genesis can guarantee a Prophet’s rank. The rank of the Prophet NFT affects the amount of tokens you can earn each day(*More details will be explained later). If you want to get a higher rank of Prophet NFT you can consider buying a Genesis NFT or a Prophet NFT where you can see the ranks.

You can also look at items such as Darkness, Potions, Revival Potion, Shield, Counter NFT, etc. Since Nannda is a game NFT project where uses can steal others’ earning, these are useful for maximizing your earning. More details will be provided later in this article.

#2–2. Summon NFT (If you have Spellbook NFT)

Once you get Spellbook NFTs, they will appear in “MyNFT.” You can click “Summon” to summon the NFT.

After clicking, you will be prompted by Metamask to confirm the transaction. The transaction requires a certain amount of Ethereum, so make sure you have enough in your wallet.

The summoned prophet NFT will then be displayed; if you purchase a prophet NFT in opensea, the same NFT will appear in this area.

#2–3. Deposit your NFT

Now it’s time to deposit your Prophet NFT and earn tokens! Go back to the “Top” menu and select the area where you want to deposit the NFT. Each area has a different rate of damage as well as a different rate of earning. Remember that each NFT has a different earning potential and lifespan. Therefore, you must choose the appropriate area to deposit $ NFT based on your strategy to maximize your income.

E.g. Volcano Quest has highest earning rate but also has the highest damage rate.

Select the “Deposit NFT” and confirm the detail. Please note that to deposite, Ethereum token is required. Hence make sure that you have enough Ethereum token in your metamask wallet.

#2–4. Check your earning

You can check your earned token in the “Announcement” menu. You will see more earnings as the days go by. You can withdraw your tokens at any time, but if you try to claim them early, you will be charged a fee as Nannda values the long-term players.

#3. Maximize your earning

Nannda has unique features that can maximize your earning potential. You can also use the “Dark NFT” to take away someone else’s earning power. Check below to create your strategy.

#3–1. Level up your Prophet NFT

Leveling up your NFT can increase tge NFT’s earning potential.

#3–2. Own the Darkness NFT and steal other player’s earning

Darkness NFTs are NFTs that allow you to steal other players’ earnings. You can initiate the stealing by depositing a Darkness NFT. For more information on this feature, please see our whitepaper.

Darkness NFTEdit

#3–3.Utilize item NFTs

As mentioned above, darkness NFTs can steal other player’s earning. However, this stealing is not always successful, it can fail, and if you have a Shield or a Counter NFT, you can prevent the stealing.

Potion NFTs are items that can restore the prophet’s life during the quest. Potion NFT is one time use, and each class requires a different $NDT.

Utilizing NFTs is very important to protect and maximize your profits. Users are encouraged to purchase NFTs based on their own strategies and goals.

Check out our White Paper to understand more about item NFTs.

#3–4. Minting NFTs

Each Prophet NFT has a different level and different earning power. To maximize your earning, users are recommended to deposit NFTs have higher level. To do so, you can mint 2 NFTs to generate a highly ranked spellbook NFT.

And then you can summon higher-ranked Prophet NFTs with higher earning power.

#3–5. Read the Nanda White Paper thoroughly

The Nanda White Paper is a complete guide to efficiently maximize profits. There are also events for new and existing players.

Understanding token economics is key to success in this game. Check out the links below and take a few minutes to read all the documentation.

Nannda White paperVer 2.4.4 February

This is a short summary of how to play Nannda.

Please note that each feature is subject to change without notice. We, Nanda, will continue to take on various challenges in Web3. Please follow our SNS channel for the latest information.

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