Claim Fee & Bonus

Nannda is introducing a new feature which is called “Claim Fee & Bonus”. ※This won’t be available in the Open Alpha.

The Nannda is designed to provide maximum benefits to those who contribute to Nannda over the long term. This time, we have introduced the mechanism to our proprietary token $NDT.

The way it works is that if you try to withdraw the $NDT you have earned early, a portion of the $NDT will be taken from you (Claim Fee), and those who HODL it will receive a bonus of the $NDT taken from accumulated Claim Fee.

Claim Fee & Bonus are not per NFT but per Wallet address. 5050/33N50-50/33*N% of accumulated NDT will be collected on the Nth day from the last Claim, and Claim Fee will be 0% on the 33rd day. Out of the collected $NDT, half will be burned and the rest will go into the Claim Fee Treasury.

Every month, the $NDT in the Claim Fee treasury will be divided by the Wallets that have not made a withdrawal for more than 33 days, and all will be distributed.

Bonuses for the last month will be distributed to the corresponding address at 0:00 UTC of the following month. (e.g. 2/1-2/28 ⇒ Distributed on 3/1 at 0:00 UTC)

As an example, if the ratio of distribution is 1 to those who haven’t claimed NDT for 34 days and longer but shorter than 60 days, the ratio to those who unclaimed for 60 days and longer is 2.

If the minimum bonus per address is less than 1 $NDT, the bonus will be carried over to the next month. The current bonus will be available on the dashboard.

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